? Witch Academy: A normal teenage who moves to WItch? Lake to stay with her? Auntie? Shelia.? She meets 4 girls whos hiding a secret.? She? discovers they are witches and she's one of them. Ending Song: We are W.I.T.C.H by? Marion Raven.

Witch Academy: After founding she's a witch, Octavia and the girls must challenge the legacy games to keep their powers. They faces their fears and battles obstacles through the dark reality world. Octavia discovers a dark secret.

Witch Academy-Rise of the Gaurdians: The appentice of the witches finds out that the Kendrick is creating a army of Legions. Justice tells the girls that the only witches who defeated the legions were the Gaurdians of Demetrius. Octavia,Danielle, Jordan, Abby and Victoria