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Power of Fire

Octavia- A ordinary girl who moves to Witch Lake to live with her Auntie Shelia. She meets 4 girls who dark secret. She discovers they are witches. She's discovers she's one of them and has the power of fire.

Heather-A teacher at Witch High and mother of Octavia. She gave birth to Octavia when she was in college. Heather's boyfriend Alec was a warlock. Alec was deeply in love with Heather. Heather wanted to keep her but she couldnt. She decided to have a abortion. When She sees her daughter for the first time. Octavia runs to give her a hug.

Nick- A warlock who is a brave,caring and vengeful person. He was born at witch lake. He moves to Witch High to learn more about his powers. Nick and Octavia have a rough start meeting each other. Nick surposely jealous of how powerful she is. He decided to becomes friends with her. Nick starts to have a crush on her. The crush turned into love. Nick and Octavia shared a surprising moment in Rise of the Gaurdians.

Donna-A witch and

Jakob- A warlock and