Power of Faith
Some attributes
First Born on April 20,1993
Second Species: Witch
Third Birth Parents: Heather and Alec
Other attributes
Fourth Special Ability:
Melissa is a witch


Melissa was born in Michgan. She never knew her parents. Melissa was living with her uncle. After 16 years later, Her uncle had to go away for while. She decides to live with her Aunt Shelia. When she was little, Melissa was always afraid of fire. She never discovers her powers until she turn 16. Melissa started fire with her hands. It surprised her. 

Being a WitchEdit

Octavia moved to Witch Lake. She is an shy, sensitive but typical teenager. Octavia meets 4 girls Jordan, Victoria, Abby, Danielle. Octavia meets Jordan who is her lab partner in Biology. Jordan and Octavia quickly became friends. She also meet Abby during lunch period. Octavia senses that all of the girls were different like her. When Octavia asks Shelia about her birth parents, Shelia tells her that she knew her mother for a long time. Octavia suddenly uses her mind to make things move. Everything were shaking. She accidently makes her lamp catch on fire. 

The next day, Octavia meets up with the girls again. Octavia and the girls go through the dark forest. She was scared. Octavia go through the forest anyway. She knew something was evil in the forest. A evil figure was lurking in the shadows. It suddenly attacks Abby. Octavia panics. She suddenly starts fire with hands. Octavia was amazed. She throws at the evil figure.  The rest of the girls expericence their powers. The evil figure attacked them. Aunt Shelia shows up and kills him.