Some attributes
First Born: 1720
Second Age: 231
Third Species: Warlock
Other attributes
Fourth Lover: Diana
Fifth Daughter: Abby (Her real name is Abigail but Michael prefer calling her Hope)
Michael is an warlock and birth father of Hope "Abby"

Early LifeEdit

Michael's early life is unknown. Michael became part of the The FIVE warlocks. He became protector of his kind. Michael's brother Bael attack and kills his wife also his son . Michael can't never found love again. Until he unexpectedly meet Diana. She stole one his weapons. Michael set a trap for her. Diana. Michael was impressed by her powers. Diana escapes. Michael chased her. Diana gave him back his weapon. He looks at her amulet. Michael had a vision of him and a little girl. He steps back. It's revealed that Michael had a really close friendship with a girl named Darcy.

The FIVEEdit