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Welcome to the The Five WikiEdit

The Five is an fantasy, supernatural drama and horror series. This series focus on 5 ordinary girls Octavia, Jordan, Danielle, Abby, and Victoria who meet on the first day of school. They are starting experence their ancient magical powers. The girls discovers that they are the FIVE witches. With the help of Shelia and Joanna, the girls work together to defeat their enemies who seeking revenge from their family's past. While keeping their abilities a secret from the town. 

The Magic WithinEdit

The power of the FIVE is extraodinary and unbelieveable. The FIVE has the power which undefined the circle. The FIVE was created by the original warlock Demetrius. The Original FIVE were the parents of the new FIVE. In the magical realm of Avalar,  the was full of witches, warlocks, wizards and fairies. Avalar was an realm that with light and dark magic. Nevertheless, there was love, sex and magic. 

Latest activityEdit

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