Some attributes
First Born: Decemeber 25, 1902
Second Age: 35
Third Species: Witch
Other attributes
Fourth Husband: Vince
Fifth Daughter: Danielle
Katherine is a witch and mother of Danielle.


Katherine was born in Berlin. She comes a family of powerful witches. Katherine was the gifted one. She became more mature and powerful when its comes to magic. Kat got attacked by one of the witch hunters. The witch hunter Vince spared her life. He let her go. Kat and Vince unexpectedlly meet again. They suddenly have romantic attraction. Vince revealed to her that he's also a witch. 

The FiveEdit

Katherine transported to the human world when the witches were attacked and burned by the demon witch. Kat traveled everywhere looking for her daughter Danielle. She suddenly founds her. Kat watches over Dany.