Power of Wisdom
Some attributes
First Born: April 10, 1991
Second Species: Witch
Third Birth Parents: Isabella and Enzo
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 18
Fifth Special Abilities: Mind Control

Potion Making

Jordan is a witch and the gaurdian of air. 


Jordan was born in Witch lake. Jordan's parents died when it was her birthday the next day. She was raised by her cousin Jenna. When she turn 12, Jordan started to experience weird powers .Jordan sometimes goes out of control when she gets mad. She misses her foster parents and had bad dreams about everyday.

Becoming a witchEdit

Jordan is very cool, sexy and beautiful. She is mature and kind like Danielle. Jordan knew Danielle since grade school. Then she met Victoria. Victoria nicknamed Jordan"Jay". Jordan meets Melissa on her first day. The next day, Victoria convinced her and the girls to come to the dark forest. Jordan finally unleashes her powers .Shelia tells jordan that she is a witch. Melissa, Abby, Victoria, and Danielle discovers they are also witches. Jordan loves making a tornado. She became more responsible about her magic. Jordan and the others goes to a secret school of magic.