Some attributes
First Born in Alabama
Second Species: Witch
Third Birth parents: Katherine and Vince
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 17
Danielle is a witch and gaurdian of water. She debuts in the first book

Early LifeEdit

Danielle's life is unknown .She never knew parents. A nurse named Tammy adopted her. She moved to Witch Lake. Tammy took care Danielle all her life. Danielle started to experience her powers. She always thiristy for water. Danielle suddenly magically started watering flowering with her mind. She was amazed. When she got older, Danielle moved to different school. When the popular girl in school bullied her. Danielle make the girl slip into a mud puddle. She laughed. 

The FIVEEdit

Danielle discovers that she is a witch. She has the power of water. She meets Victoria and quickly becomes friends. She also meets Abby and Jordan. Danielle practices her powers everyday.