Abigail "Abby"
Power of Hope
Some attributes
First Born in April 19, 1990
Second Age: 18
Third Species: Witch
Other attributes
Fourth Birth Mother: Diana

Birth Father: Michael Ancestors: Ivana( the Original Gaurdian of Nature)

Fifth Special Abilities: Weather Control

Chlorokinesis Electrokinesis Geokinesis

Abby is a witch and gaurdian of earth/nature. She debuts in the first book.


Abby early life is unknown. She was adopted by a drunk ,abusive and alcoholic adoptive father named Peter. He always abused her. Abby was tired for the years of pain and tortured. Abby started to experience her powers during a fight with her father. When turn 15, Abby had a fighting with her father. She uses her powers. Abby drops a light blub on his head. After Peter's death, Abby decides to stay in the Trailer.

The FIVEEdit

Abby discovers that she is a witch and one of the FIVE. Abby started to practice her magic. Abby's friend Jonah gave her a picture of a women. Abby doesn't know. Jonah tells her that she was a witch. Abby wanted Shelia identify the person. It was revealed to be her mother Diana. Shelia doesn't hardly remember what happen to Diana after the attack. Abby baked brownies and suddenly cast a spell make her know about her mother's history. The rest of the girls ate some of the brownies. Abby and the girls started experience visions of their parents.